River of Living Water

Our Mission is to provide a location, program and opportunity for personal reflection for those needing either healing or discernment from the Lord.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

River of Living Water

A Christian ministry program to support the healing of broken and wounded women.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a location, program and opportunity for personal reflection for those needing either healing or discernment from the Lord.

Our purpose is to assist in breaking through the barriers which are preventing women from fulfilling the purpose for which the Lord has prepared for them.

Our location is on a beautiful 17 acre retreat center on Vancouver Island.

Our program will consist of an interactive Bible study and then an in depth book study.

Our approach takes into consideration the whole person; body, mind and spirit therefore regular and moderate exercise will be required such as hiking or walking.

Our down time will be enjoying related movies and fellowship.

"River of Living Water" may be for you if...

..you have difficulty coping with everyday life

..you cycle in and out of depression.

..you have been wounded and need time with the Lord for discernment or healing

..you have life controlling habits

...you are in a recovery group or 12 step program and are feeling stuck or unableto progress further.

“River of Living Water” is not for you if...

...you are still in the withdrawal stages of drugs or alcohol

...you are simply needing a holiday.

Some Criteria for eligibility are....

...you are between the ages of 18 and 65

..you have a referral from a church or ministry

..you can agree to abstain from all non-prescription drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity while at the retreat center.

.. you can agree to participate in all aspects of the program

..you are willing to do an interview

.you have made a decision for Christ or have a desire to learn more about Him

Important: “River of Living Water” is not intended to replace a 12 Step or a recovery program and does not provide or replace professional counseling.

Mailing Address

“River of Living Water”
Mailing address:
42 Stoneham Crescent
Wpg. , MB.
R2G 3L8
ph. 204-294-5480

Please contact us for more information or to register for the next session. (Space is limited to six participants.)

We are a not-for-profit work and operate under the auspices and charitable status of Equip Canada.

Please send all donations to
Equip Canada
Box 683
Duncan, BC
V9L 3Y1
Re: River of Living Water

To learn more about Equip please visit http://www.equipinternational.com/

Lil Brosowsky

Several years ago I developed the idea for “River of Living Water” ministry when, as a speaker for Christian women’s groups and later as a staff member at a woman’s addiction center, I discovered how very little time women take to seek their own healing and renewal. My name is Lil Brosowsky and I believe the Lord desires for us all to experience “abundant life in Christ” but for some this seems to be elusive. For others the problem is much deeper and more painful than that but life gets in the way of dealing with the real issue often with disastrous results. Time set aside exclusively for seeking either an answer to the mystery or healing of a known wound could be time well spent.

“Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." John 4:14